Caring for a Child Is Expensive

Caring for a Child Is Expensive

Read about child support cases in Newfield and Glassboro, NJ

One of the biggest discussions in many divorces is negotiating child support. The court will always strive to do what's best for your child, but they may not have all the information you do. That's why you need support from a family law attorney from the Law Office of Stephen Patrick. Based in Newfield and Glassboro, NJ, we've helped countless parents build and present cases in an effort to secure the appropriate payments from former spouses.

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Child support cases can be nuanced

Child support cases are complicated. You need to know all the facts before you begin negotiating. These verdicts are determined based on multiple factors, including:

  • The income of both parents
  • The earning capacity of both parents
  • The child's current standard of living

The court will also consider any additional factors they deem relevant. You need to be prepared to argue your case. Hire a trusted family law attorney based in Newfield and Glassboro, NJ today.